Using high quality raw materials

Fandar supplies high-quality glued transmission belt, using primary chloroprene rubber raw materials, tensile glass fiber core, nylon aramid core as the strong layer, so that the product has higher strength and good dimensional stability; from the raw material process to every step of the details are strictly in accordance with high standards, to ensure product quality.

It's got a mature process

Fandar belt adopts mold integrated vulcanization mature process, seamless without interface, to a certain extent, prolongs the service life of the product, without delamination and fracture, so that the high-speed operation performance of the product is stable, and the quality is upgraded!

Good belt performance

Good rubber raw material determines the performance of the belt, Yonghang transmission belt using raw rubber raw materials, high density, rubber content as high as 90% , wear-resistant coefficient greatly improved, after quality inspection, high wear-resistant, will not slip phenomenon, friction is not easy to wear!

Genuine imported industrial belt

The company is based in New South Wales, Australia's most populous, industrialized and Urbanization by country state. Committed to strengthening cooperation with local corporate clients in China, Van der SAR has set up its China headquarters in Shanghai, China, with a focus on serving Chinese clients.


Fandar has been the world leader of award-winning belt supplier for past decade. We start with belting solution and continue to provide outstanding customer service while offering innovative, cutting edge solutions to our customers. Our products and services are ideal for many industrial applications and are widely used in automotive, logistic, packing, hevey industrial, BrewBeverage, manufacrure, printing and food processing. Now Fandar China has been grand open in Wuhan with fully operation to delivery our products,value and service to your business. Contact with our experts 24/7 and our team is here for you.